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Aliy Rassvet (Crimson Dawn)- the main band for Steve (bass). One can say that they play heavy-power but it's only a very narrow description of what they are. Their style varies from a very touchy ballad "I Become Blind" (Ya Oslep) to a really powerful staff like "The Blood Will" (Volya Krovi). Also one of the strongest sides of the band is lyrics in Russian written by Servantes (vocals).

ANJ - the main band for Oleg Izotov (guitars). ANJ is one of the most talented and as well contradictory and notorious acts on the Russian metal scene. They claim to play new hard music and know how to impress fans: the remarkable pyro-show at MetalMania 2005 in Katowice, Poland; the catchy videoclip "Devil's Vengeance" (starring Henri Lee Rock from Spiha and Lotta Hoglin from Beseech); the stylish song "Pugachev" performed on the 2nd Krasnogorsk open air fest together with a Russian folk band - how many more surprises we can expect from ANJ?!

Retriem - the main band for Soulripper (drums). The guys play technical power metal in the vein on Edguy and Helloween with lyrics in Russian. Lead To Your Destiny, the debut album, was highly evaluated by fans and critics. At the moment the band is in the studio recording their second album.

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